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Light Bulletproof Vest

Versatile and reliable 

Does not constrict movement, comfortable to wear and light.


Front section;
Rear section with sides;
Circular torso protection;
Ajustable belts and sidewalls;
Additionally: removable front apron.

Bulletproof vest is presented in three conventional sizes, the color is optional. The vest meets the requirement of IIIA, IIA Types NIJ Standard-0101.06 and provides protection from .357SIG (FMJ FN 8.1 g), .44 Magnum (SJHP 15.6 g), 9 mm (FMJ RN 8.0 g), .40 S&W (FMJ 11.7 g), .45 ACP(FMJ 14.9 g) cartridges.
Main characteristics
Protective area of front and rear sections, dm2
22.3 - 29.5
Protective area of sidewalls, dm2
7.3 - 8.3
Vest weight w/o apron, kg
3.3 - 4.1
Vest weight with front apron, kg
3.6 - 4.4