Press office contacts

Press Secretary
Vjacheslav N. Davidenko

Press office of JSC Rosoboronexport is responsible for the organization of information and advertising operation of the enterprise. 

 Press office has the exclusive right to speak in the media with official statements and reports in the name and on behalf of the Director General. 

 Press office prepares and distributes press releases, official statements on behalf of the management of the company, holds press conferences and briefings, provides information and advertising support for the activities of the Russian delegation at the international exhibition of arms and military equipment. 

To get a comment, agree to conduct an interview with a representative of Rosoboronexport, as well as on all other issues related to obtaining information for the media, it is necessary to send an official request by fax +7 (495) 534-61-53 or +7 (495) 637-97-00 on the letterhead of your media with the signature of the chief editor. 

Please indicate the request essence, the desired timing of the response, contact telephone numbers.