Corporate strategy

Rosoboronexport’s activities are aimed at the consolidation of Russia’s military and political foothold in various regions across the globe, preservation of the country’s position among global exporters of MG. 

Rosoboronexport observes trends in the development of the global arms market and uses targeted marketing efforts in order to expand its geography, enlarge its portfolio and increase export volumes of Russian military and double-purpose products. 

Based on a comprehensive analysis of the arms market and assessment of needs of international partners, a series of target programs and projects for the promotion of products to particular countries have been designed and are carried out with success. 

 Rosoboronexport strives to be flexible and dynamic in its activities in the market, using the entire range of advanced marketing tools. Customized financial patterns are available to international customers. They value Rosoboronexport highly for high-quality aftersales services, broad upgrading opportunities, and willingness to provide any technical and legal advice on a 24/7 basis. 

International customers are offered integrated solutions for the construction of national systems for the defense of land, air and sea borders, which provide the best possible value for money and strong efficiency. Those solutions may include supply of military products and provision of related services, or making arrangements for setting up licensed production in the customer’s country, building facilities of the military and engineering infrastructure, setting up joint ventures for the production and maintenance of machinery, collaborative scientific or R&D work. Moreover, Rosoboronexport proposes and implements mutually beneficial offset programs. The Company is equally conscientious about large and small contracts.