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24GHz Microwave Bistatic Security Sensor

Border on the Lock 

Reliable Perimeter Intrusion Detection for Long-Term Applications.

300 m detection zone;
Adaptive threshold minimizing false alarms;
Narrow exclusion zone;
Noise immunity.

CVD-107 security sensor is a patented microwave solution ensuring reliable protection in outdoor environments. CVD-107 detects a human intruder passing the detection zone near fences, masts, gates or entryways and requires narrow exclusion zone.

The sensor features narrow transmission beam to ensure resistance to interference of moving objects near to the detection area axis. CVD-107 is convenient for remote adjustment from operator’s workstation.
Main characteristics
Operating frequency, MHz
Walking or bending intruder speed for successful detection, m/s
from 0,1 to 10,0
Detection zone length, m
Detection zone width at equidistance from CVD-107 units with max detection range, not less, m