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Rapid Deployable Alarm Complex

Covert. Multifunctional. Reliable

Unattended Ground Sensors for any Application. Concealed and Field Proven.

Early warning;
On-the-fly deployment;
Concealed intruder detection;
Standalone operation;
Wireless alarm transmission.

PAUTINA-M combines self-powered seismic, microwave, radio wave, infrared, break-wire, and magnetometric sensors into a single network to deliver early warning and real-time situational awareness in variety of applications.

PAUTINA-M offers easy deployment, maintenance and compatibility with any other existing perimeter security system. All alarms are transmitted wirelessly via secure link providing beyond line-of-sight round-the-clock border protection.
Main characteristics
Operating temperature range, °С
Uninterrupted operation time, days
90 ... 300
Maximum data transmission range, m
between D and CCP
between repeaters
Maximum protected boundary length, km
Total number of detectors deployed at the same time, pcs.
up to 250