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Mobile Biometric ID Terminal

Key tool to enforce law 

The terminal allows not only to ascertain identity using the database, but also independently create and transfer electronic fingerprints (data) to the central system, as well as verify documents for authenticity.

The PAPILLON DPP-6p terminal is an impact-resistant ergonomic device with preinstalled software, including:

small-sized computer;
QWERTY keyboard;
touchscreen LCD display;
fingerprint scanner for rolling and removing flat fingerprints;
readers (MRZ machine-readable line, ISO / IES 7816 swipe cards, ISO 14443 proximity cards);
digital camera with flash.

The size of the sensitive surface of a fingerprint scanner (42x40 mm) allows to get prints and rolled fingerprints to compile an electronic fingerprint.
Main characteristics
Dimensions, mm
170 х 91 х 262
Weight, kg, max
Connection to AFIS (central system)
GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS,WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet 1Gb
Internal memory (microSD), Gb
PCI slot (microSD), Gb
up to 16
Maximum volume of local fingerprints database
60 000
Time of continuous operation, h
Camera with flash, MP
Fingerprint scanner:
- resolution, dpi
- dynamic range, shades of grey
- time of finger scanning (rolling), sec
< 5