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Non-linear Screening Detector

Detects even ultraminituarized targets 

Indispensable device for security and guard agencies.

precise spatial discrimination;
high search efficiency;
able to operate in wet environments;
single block construction with no detachable connections and cables.

NR-CHP detects prohibited electronic devices (voice recorders, mobile phones, SIM-cards, digital memory devices etc.), as well as fire weapons.

Detection of improvised explosive devices (IED electronic control systems) in cabin baggage and on the ‘operator’s’ body is available as well.
Main characteristics
Modulation type
Operation mode
Targets detection, m:
- SIM (UIM) card
up to 0.5
- mobile phone
up to 1.0
Average power of UHF signal when searching, mW
20 max
Power supply
2 accumulators
Continuous work when using 1 set of accumulators, h
at least 4
Weight of packed detector, kg
max 1.2