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A cutting edge aircraft and a top element in MiG aircraft family. MiG-35 and MiG-35D aircraft are 4th++ generation fighters and are designed with a widespread use of 5th generation technologies.

The MiG-35/35D multifunctional frontline fighter/two-seat multifunctional frontline fighter are designed to engage various air targets, moving and fixed ground (surface) targets with the use of guided and unguided armament complex in favorable and adverse weather conditions, day and night.

In a two-seat configuration it can be operated both in combat and training modes.

The aircraft is a further development of the MiG-29M/M2.

Main features:

Wide range of weaponry;
Operation in any climatic conditions;
Capability of conducting close air combat in heavy countermeasures environment;
Decreased cost of operation;
Operation "on-condition" basis.

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Main characteristics
Maximum takeoff weight, kg
Maximum speed, km/h
Maximum payload, kg
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Maximum overload, g