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Multifunctional aircraft is capable to perform intercontinental transportation of cargoes, military equipment and servicemen. It can be operated from unpaved airfields and employed in various geographic conditions, day-and-night.

The IL-76MD-90AE military transport aircraft is designed to airlift troops, cargo, military equipment and weapons, as well as to conduct airdropping and airlanding of personnel, cargo, military equipment and weapons.

The IL-76MD-90AE can be converted into ambulance or fire-fighting versions.

The aircraft provides capability of autonomous deployment and operation on unprepared airfields (including loading/unloading operations).

The IL-76MD-90AE aircraft equipped with PS-90A-76 engines meets all the international ecological ICAO navigation, flight safety, noise and emission requirements and thus it can be operated all over the world.

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Main characteristics
Max takeoff weight, t
Max payload weight, t
Maximum speed, km/h
Service ceiling, km
Flight range (60 ton payload), km
Number of transported troops (in a single / double deck versions)