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Viking (9K317ME)

Multichannel, highly mobile multi-functional medium-range air defense missile system

Full confidence in protection

The latest ADMS is ideal for providing air defense for troops (military installations) in various types of military operations, administrative and industrial facilities and territories of the country.

"Viking" ADMS is capable of hitting aerodynamic targets, tactical ballistic missiles and ground (surface) radio-contrast objects. The system has the possibility of autonomous use of self-propelled firing systems (radars with launchers).

"Viking" medium-range ADMS is designed for air defense of military facilities and troops in the theatre against massive air strikes of prospective means of air attack in contested electronic and fire-intensive environment.

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Main characteristics
The system provides for engagement of the aircraft with radar cross-section area of 2 sq. m:
on slant range
up to 65 km
on altitude
up to 25 km
The slant range against tactical ballistic missiles
up to 25 km
Range against cruise missiles
up to 20 km
Helicopter / hovering targets engagement range
up to 60/12 km