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"Gamma-DE" (67N6E)
Air defence radar

Full control of air space.

Detects a wide class of air targets. Used in the air force and air defence control systems, as well as for air traffic control over civilian aircraft.

"Gamma DE" (67N6E) is a mobile, solid-state, high-potential decimeter-range radar with phased antenna array working on medium and high altitudes. The radar is characterized by a large range and altitude of air targets detection, is fully automated and has a high degree of adaptability to the external environment.

"Gamma-DE" radar is designed for effective detection, identification, location and tracking of wide range of existing and prospective air attack means, including high-altitude low-observable air-launched missiles (or other targets), in contested electronic environment and under natural noise, as well as for obtaining information from ICAO transponder-equipped aircraft.

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Main characteristics
Working frequency bandwidth
Operational limits:
10-400 (500*) km
360 deg
-2…+60 deg
120 km
Scanning interval/data update interval
10/5 sec
* - upon the customer demand, the range of the radar envelope can be extended up to 500 km with simultaneous reduction of its altitude