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"Kasta-2E2" (39N6E)
Low-altitude 3D omnidirectional stand-by radar 

Advantage in detecting low-flying air targets

Detection of a wide range of air targets. Used in systems of air and coastal defence, border control, air traffic, and airspace control around airports.

The radar is characterized by increased detection capabilities for low-flying air targets.

"Kasta-2E2" low-altitude 3D omnidirectional stand-by radar is designed for air traffic control, determination of distances, azimuths, flight altitudes, and other traffic information of air objects, such as fixed- and rotary-winged aircraft, remotely controlled aerial vehicles, and cruise missiles, including those flying at low and extremely low altitudes amidst bottom bounce, clutter environment, and hydrometeorological formations.

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Main characteristics
Frequency range
Surveillance area:
5-150 km
360 deg
up to 6 km
elevation angle with 14/52-meters antenna
25/23 deg
Scanning interval
6 or 12 sec