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Armoured Mine Clearing Vehicle (AMCV)

No Route is too Dangerous

The BMR-3MS Armoured Mine Clearing Vehicle is the most reliable guide through the mine and IED infested terrain for your troops.

BMR-3MS is developed on the T-90S platform and designed for leading friendly vehicles across minefields and breaching passages in them while clearing basic types of anti-tank, anti-track and bottom mines fitted with mechanical impact and magnetic proximity fuses.

BMR-3MS can be equipped with the KMT-7 track-wide combined roller-and-blade sweeper or with the TMT-S engineering tank mine sweeper. The BMR-3MS's equipment set includes manual mine-clearing equipment for onboard combat engineers.

The Mine Clearing Vehicle is equipped with ERA for better protection and a 12.7mm KORD Heavy Machine Gun. Survivability of the crew is augmented by the NBC protection system, fire-fighting equipment and modern communication devices.

Main characteristics
Weight (w/o add-on equipment)
44 (+2%) t
KMT-7 Weight
7.5 t
Sweeping speed with KMT-7
6-12 km/h
TMT-S Weight
13 t
Sweeping speed with TMT-S
up to 15 km/h
Cruising range
550 km
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