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5.56mm Kalashnikov Assault Rifle

Great Performance Runs in the Family

Legendary AK platform with up-to-date solutions in 5.56mm caliber is a great alternative to standard selection of Small Arms in that caliber.

The 5.56mm AK201 Kalashnikov assault rifle is an outreach to the wider international market with a more common European caliber.

A successful attempt to merge Russian reliability and serviceability with 5.56x45mm ammunition. All the modern design solutions, which are integral features of the AK200th iteration, are implemented in the AK201. This Assault Rifle provides new first-hand experience for the operators limited by NATO caliber.

It's an extremely reliable weapon and due to chrome-lined elements withstands temperature fluctuation and other environment impacts. The grip, buttstock, forehand and magazine are made of shock-resistant polymer which increases durability drastically. 

Main characteristics
Empty weight
3.8 kg
Sighting range
800 m
30 rounds