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Portable Rocket Launcher⁠

Tanks are Mere Targets for Us

RPG-7V2 is an extremely cost-effective and efficient weapon against all types of heavy and light armoured vehicles, fortifications and enemy manpower.

The RPG-7V2 Portable Rocket Launcher is compatible with various rockets and rounds which considerably augment combat and tactical capabilities of infantry. The operator can select the set of ammunition depending on the task, target and environment.

The Rocket Launcher is a multipurpose weapon capable of suppressing whole range of targets both on the ground and in the air, and it is especially dangerous in the urban environment against tanks with any type of armour including ERA. Battle proven design features of the RPG-7V2 provide great serviceability and reduce training time for the operators.

Modern conflicts promote the demand for this type of weapon all over the world and RPG-7V2 is the one to satisfy it.

Main characteristics
Sighting range (depending on the ammo)
up to 700m
Weight (with bipod)
6.68 kg