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Thermobaric Rocket

There is no Place to Hide

TBG-29V is a Thermobaric Rocket designed to inflict heavy casualties on the enemy manpower in the open and inside fortifications, but vehicles are also at risk. 

TBG-29V is a Rocket with Thermobaric warhead which provides infantry and other units with higher tactical self-sufficiency and augmented firepower. The design of the Rocket allows operators of the RPG-29 (or RPG-29N) to engage all types of light armoured vehicles, manpower inside fortifications and trenches while hitting the target at any angle and exploding within couple of meters from the enemy. Thermobaric warhead inflicts damage by blast, fragmentation and incendiary effects leaving no chances for the manpower inside 300m³ of enclosed space.

Main characteristics
Warhead type
HE, thermobaric and fragmentation
6.7 kg
Effective range
from 50 to 2,000m
Destructive capacity (inside)