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PKM 7.62mm Machine Gun

Handy Fire Support

PKM is an efficient Machine Gun for resilient fire support in offensive and defensive operations.

PKM 7.62mm MG is an upgraded version of a reliable and battle-proven weapon with better ergonomics. Interchangeable barrels allow the operator to maintain accuracy, fire density and rate at the required level. Reasonable weight and dimensions increase mobility within any theatre of operation.

The PKM MG will help Armed Forces, Border Control, Special Forces and any other units to successfully accomplish their missions due to a variety of ammunition (AP, AP-tracers, AP Incendiary).

PKM is weather resistant as it withstands temperature fluctuation from -50 ℃ up to +50 ℃ and can be used in any part of our world.

Main characteristics
Rate of fire
600-800 rds/min
Sighting range
1500 m
Empty weight
8.5 kg
Belt (box) capacity
100 and 200 rds