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9mm Compact Lebedev Pistol

A Gun You Want to Carry

The 9mm Compact Lebedev Pistol is everything you'd expect the gun, made by Kalashnikov Group, to be. It has a thought through design and ergonomics, proper reliability and combat performance.

The PLK has a short recoil action with a tilting barrel and the frame is made of low-weight alloy. It features ambidextrous safeties and all the salient features of the Lebedev platform. The pistol uses the whole range of 9x19mm Luger and enhanced penetration 7N21 ammo, ensuring operator's proper performance at the range and in battle.

Main characteristics
9х19mm Luger, 7N21
Empty weight
0.74 kg
Barrel length
92 mm
180 mm
14 rounds