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Multipurpose radar

Innovations at the first frontier

New generation shipborne radar

modular multipurpose system;
fast adaptation to different situations and priority tasks of a ship;
operation at several frequency bands simultaneously;
simultaneous control over ECM, air defence and striking systems;
full automation of combat activities and substantial jamming immunity.

Zaslon radar system is designed for sea-surface and signal environment awareness in active and passive modes; generating active jamming and controlling over passive jamming systems; issuing target designation data to guided and anti-aircraft missile systems and providing fire control of SAMs and artillery.

Zaslon includes main control system, X-band 3D radar with fixed phased antenna array, S-band 3D radar with steerable phased antenna array, radio surveillance station (operating at L, S, C, X, K bands), artillery fire control system and ECM system (operating at X and K bands).

Modular design and way of operation allow for the possibility to modify the composition and functions of the system according to the requirements of the ship.

Brand-new Zaslon multipurpose radar comprises small size, functionality and ability to carry out tasks of several radiotechnical systems simultaneously.

Main characteristics
Active mode
target detection range, km
number of tracked targets is
azimuth FOV, deg.
Passive mode
target detection range, km
number of tracked targets is
azimuth FOV, deg.