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Multipurpose electrically-driven remote-control homing torpedo


The TE-2 multipurpose electrically-driven remote-control homing torpedo is designed to engage submarines, surface combatants and other targets when fired from submarines and surface ships in autonomous and remote-control modes.


The TE-2 torpedo can be employed in ocean areas with water salinity of 30-35 ppm and water temperatures from 0°C to +25 °C.

The torpedo features a three-beam anti-ship homing system, absence of an acoustic proximity fuze, and use of an active proximity electromagnetic fuze, which detonates when the torpedo passes near a surface combatant or submarine.

The TE-2 torpedo is being developed in three variants:

  • TE-2-01 with mechanical data input;
  • TE-2-02 with electric data input;
  • TE-2-03 with electric data input via a control and launch console.
Main characteristics
Caliber, mm
Length, mm:
torpedo with command wire coil (for submarine-launched)
≤ 6900
torpedo w/o command wire coil (submarine- and ship-launched)
≤ 6500
Weight, kg:
torpedo with command wire coil
≤ 1650
torpedo w/o command wire coil
≤ 1600
explosive charge
Average speed to full range (water salinity of 35 ppm and water temperature of +15°C), knots:
mode I
39 ± 1
mode II
30 ± 3
Range, m:
mode I
≥ 15000
mode II
≥ 20000
Submarine engagement depth, m
periscope depth to 350
Number of practice torpedo firings during service life
Warranty life, months
Assigned service life, years
≥ 10
Storage time on racks and inside torpedo tubes not flooded with water, years
Storage time in submarine’s torpedo tubes flooded periodically with water, months