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Project 636
Large diesel-electric submarine

Black hole 

Tested and reliable submarine you can trust 

Powerful and well-balanced armament;
Low noisiness, small sonar and radar trace;
High survivability and reliability;
Well-mastered building technologies;
Substantial service experience in different fleets around the world.

Project 636 is the further development of the world-famous Kilo-class submarines.

Being based on rich experience and the best Russian traditions of the submarine shipbuilding Project 636 has been nicknamed “Black hole” for its low noisiness.

If compared to the third-generation foreign competitors, the submarine has proved its high reliability and better noisiness, firepower, weapons stocks and floatability specifications.

The submarine is effective against groups of ships and can efficiently search for submarines and destroy them. Project 636 as well can deliver strikes against critical land facilities and set minefields.


Club – S integrated missile system:
Range of fire, km – 300.

TE-2 torpedoes:
Range of fire, km – 50.

MGK-400EM sonar.

MRK-50E radar.

Project 636 submarines provide reliable protection of the State from underwater and surface threats. It is a strong force to maintain peace.
Main characteristics
Displacement surface/submerged, t
Main dimensions (length, beam, height), m
Operating depth, m
Speed submerged/surface, kts.
Range using diesels/batteries, miles
533 mm torpedo launching units, un.
Ammunition load for 533 mm launching units, torpedoes/missiles/mines, un.