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Guided missile boat


The Project 12418 guided missile boat is designed to destroy warships, transports, and landing craft in the open sea.


  • weapon employment in sea point up to 4 without course/speed limitations at max allowed propulsion power, and in sea point 5 at a speed of up to 22 knots inclusive;
  • safe seagoing ability at reduced speeds in sea point 7 and 8;
  • innovative design incorporating over 30 inventions.

Armament & Equipment

  • Uran-E anti-ship missile system, comprising four 3S-24E quadruple launchers, 16 3M-24E anti-ship missiles in transport-launch containers, and 3R-60UE fire control system;
  • 76.2mm AK-176M gun mount (314 rounds);
  • two 30mm AK-630M1-2 six-barrel rapid-fire cannons (4,000 rounds per cannon);
  • 12 Igla MANPADS;
  • four KT-216 launchers of PK-10 short range jamming system.

Electronic equipment

  • Pozitiv-E air/surface target acquisition radar;
  • Monument-E surface target acquisition and designation radar;
  • MR-123-02/MR-123-02Ts artillery fire control system;
  • MP-407-E ECM system;
  • Liman navigation radar;
  • Podzagolovok-24E mutual interference avoidance system, etc.

Main propulsion plant

The boat is powered by a two-shaft GGTA M15E.1 gas turbine propulsion plant.

Electric power is supplied by one DGF2A 100/1500 and two DGR2A 200/1500 diesel generators.

Main characteristics
Displacement, full load, t
Basic dimensions, m:
length x beam x draft
56.9 x 10.2 x 2.4
Main propulsion plant
gas turbine
Electric power supply
three diesel generators
Number of propellers
Speed, knots:
maximum at +15ºC
maximum at +34ºC
Range, at economical speed, n. m.:
full fuel load
max fuel load
Endurance, days