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The project 10412 patrol boat

The Project 10412 Svetlyak-class patrol boat designed to carry out a variety of missions is an economical and easy-to-operate ship featuring optimal hull configuration. The automated diesel power plant provides high full speed (up to 30 knots) and long endurance (up to 2,200 miles). The boat can effectively operate both in moderate and hot climate, employ weapons in sea point up to 5, and safely navigate in sea point up to 7.

The ship is powered by a three-shaft diesel propulsion plant comprising three 3,530 kW (4,800 hp) diesel engines.


The Project 10412 patrol boat is intended to prevent violations of maritime state borders, to protect friendly vessels and facilities from enemy surface and air attacks, to monitor Exclusive Economic Zones, to protect natural resources areas and coastal lines of communications, etc.

Armament & Equipment

  • AK-306-2 gun mount (AK-176M gun can be mounted in the bow section);
  • two 14.5mm machine gun;
  • 16 Igla-type MANPADS;
  • FR-2150W navigational radar;
  • Gorizont-25 integrated navigation system;
  • Pastilshchik-D gyroazimuth/horizon compass;
  • KM-69M2 magnetic compass;
  • LEM2-2 electromagnetic log with echo sounder functions;
  • AP-5 dead-reckoning tracer;
  • RN-1 radio range-finder;
  • KPI-9F receiver-indicator of ground-based radio-navigation systems;
  • NT-200D shipborne satellite navigation equipment;
  • Buran-6E automated communications system.
Main characteristics
Displacement, full load, t
about 375
Basic dimensions (length х beam х draft, midship), м
Speed, knots:
up to 30
Range, at economical speed, n. m.:
full fuel load
max fuel load
Main propulsion plant
3 x diesels
Total electric power supply, kW
Endurance, days