Rosoboronexport and USC will together protect the results of intellectual activity
21.08.2018 Press release

On August 21, 2018, during the Army 2018 International Military Technical Forum, Rosoboronexport, part of the Rostec State Corporation, signed a cooperation agreement with the United Shipbuilding Corporation on legal protection of the results of intellectual activity in the process of military-technical cooperation.

“The world market of military products is showing a steady increase in the number of technology partnership projects, such as research and development, licensing, joint ventures and other technology transfer projects. In this context, protection of the results of intellectual activity is becoming the critical issue and by addressing it we significantly mitigate the risks of unfair competition for ourselves,” said Alexander Mikheev, Director General of Rosoboronexport.

The cooperation agreement between Rosoboronexport and United Shipbuilding Corporation is a framework agreement that provides for coordination between the parties in the legal protection of the results of intellectual activity related to military products in implementing foreign trade activities.

The cooperation agreement defines the procedure for the parties, the allocation of rights and obligations, as well as the financing by the parties of measures to identify, protect and defend the rights to the results of intellectual activity for each project for the supply of products or the transfer of military technology outside the territory of the Russian Federation.

“Rosoboronexport, together with the defense industry organizations and state bodies, is ready to address the problems of protecting the rights of Russian rights holders to the results of intellectual activity in a systematic way, including the rights of the Russian Federation, when concluding and executing contracts that include the transfer of military technology,” added Alexander Mikheev.

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