Rosoboronexport at SOFEX 2012
05.05.2012 Press release

Rosoboronexport, JSC will present the modern items of Russian weapons and special equipment at the 9th International Special Operations Forces Exhibition (SOFEX 2012), which will be held from 8 to 10 May 2012 in Amman, Jordan. The Company has participated in the show since 2002.

SOFEX is one of the most important platforms to promote Russian military products in the Middle East market. Moreover, Russia has been carrying out successful military-technical cooperation with Jordan since 1981. Currently, Russia and the Kingdom are jointly implementing one of the promising projects in the region – co-production of RPG-32 Hashim anti-tank grenade launchers developed on order from Jordan.

In its policy Rosoboronexport relies on the real needs of its potential customers in order to offer the most efficient and at the same time cost-effective solutions. Therefore, the Russian exposition will definitely arouse keen interest.

Especially as part of army and air materiel will be presented using an interactive exhibition complex. A wide panoramic screen and modern visualization and 3D modeling technologies will allow the visitors to plunge into a battle "reality" and feel involved in what's happening. Rosoboronexport has been holding the presentations in this format since last year. In Jordan, the most complete 3D demonstration of Russian military equipment will be shown for the first time.

A number of the models presented at SOFEX 2012 have been developed drawing on Russia’s vast experience in combating terrorism. Most of them have been successfully used by the Russian Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior Affairs, and the Federal Security Service and can effectively counter the most pressing threats to national security.

Rosoboronexport presents:

Close assault weapons:

  • Assault rifles: Kalashnikov AK-100 series and AK-74M, AN-94, SR.3M (compact), AS (special)
  • Machine guns: RPK-74M, RPK-201, RPK-203, Pecheneg, PKMS, PKM
  • Sniper rifles: SVD, SVDS, SV-98, 6S8 6V7, OSV-96, VKS
  • Submachine guns: Kedr, PP-2000, SR.2M,
  • Pistols: Yarygin, GSh-18, SR.2M, PSS
  • Grenade launchers: AGS-30, RPG-7V1, RPG-27, RPG-26, RPG-29, GM-94
  • ATGM systems: Kornet-EM, Kornet-E, Metis-M1

Land Forces’ materiel:

  • upgraded T-90S MBT, Tigr armored car, BMPT fire support vehicle, BMP-3M infantry fighting vehicle, BTR-80A armored personnel carrier, Smerch and Grad MRL systems, Khrizantema-S self-propelled anti-tank system, MSTA-S self-propelled howitzer with an automated gun laying and fire control system, Nona -S/SVK self-propelled guns
  • Air materiel:

  • Su-35 fighter, Mi-28NE attack helicopter, Mi-171Sh military/transport helicopter, Mi-35M attack/transport helicopter, Ka-31 radar picket helicopter.

This list represents only a fraction of the items, on which Rosoboronexport specialists can provide full information at the exhibition. The Company’s stand will also display a wide range of small arms ammunition, various types of sights, rangefinders, laser designators and other Russian military products. Particular attention will be paid to the various training systems.

In addition, JSC Rosoboronexport offers the countries in the region a modern coastal surveillance system. It has an open architecture and allows the integration of various surveillance equipment and weapons. The architecture concept proposed by Russian experts for such a system is focused on its use by not only military, but also civilian agencies. This will not only reduce its development costs, but will also generally improve the overall efficiency of water area control, protection of military and economic installations on the shelf and the shore.

In the spotlight:

  • PP-2000 submachine gun. It can provide accurate fire at ranges up to 200 m. Its 9mm cartridge with armor-piercing bullet kills the enemy personnel equipped with Level II body armor. The submachine gun uses high-strength plastics, which helped reduce its weight (1.4 kg with empty magazine). The PP-2000 is reliable and easy to use, due to a minimal number of parts and simple design. It has a rail to mount various sights, a silencer, a tactical flashlight and a laser designator.
  • 12.7mm OSV-96 sniper rifle. It is designed to engage lightly armored vehicles, radars, and parked aircraft. The maximum effective range against materiel is 1800 m, against manpower - 1,200 m, at night - 600 m. The B-32 round penetrates a 20mm steel plate from 1000 m. The OSV-96 rifle can be used as an anti-sniper weapon, owing to its long range, while its folding design eases its transportation.
  • 82mm 2B25 silent mortar. This is an ideal weapon for special operations units designed for surprise and concealed engagement of enemy manpower at ranges of 100 to 1200 meters. On firing, the bomb tail seals the powder gases, so there is no smoke, nor loud noise, nor flash, nor muzzle blast. The bomb of the 2B25 mortar carries a powerful 1.9 kg warhead containing a lot of preformed fragments. Another important advantage of the mortar is its low weight (a mere 13 kg), which allows units to make long forced marches.
  • PSS silent pistol. The PSS pistol fires special 7.62mm SP-4 cartridges with cutoff of the powder gases inside the cartridge case, which helped give up a cumbersome and heavy silencer. Nonetheless, this cartridge retains enough killing power after penetrating a 2mm steel sheet at a range up to 25 m (the maximum firing range is 50 m). The PSS also features compactness, which makes it convenient for concealed carry and, most notably, for quick removal and use.
  • Kedr submachine gun. Its effective range is 50 to 100 meters. It features high accuracy of single-shot and automatic fire. Despite its relatively high rate of fire (up to 1000 rds/min), the weapon is capable of effectively firing short bursts. In addition, owing to its good balance and ergonomic grip, the Kedr allows one-handed fire. The submachine gun can be equipped with a laser designator and a silencer. It is easily disassembled for cleaning and lubrication, due to modular design.