Rosoboronexport begins export deliveries of the latest Russian military helicopters
19.05.2016 Press release

At the HeliRussia International Helicopter Industry Exhibition 2016, to be held in Moscow from 19 to 21 May, Rosoboronexport (part of the Rostec State Corporation) will discuss the prospects for expanding export deliveries of whole range of Russian helicopters.

Traditionally, Rosoboronexport will present to foreign customers the entire line-up of Russian-made helicopters, but special attention during the talks will be on the latest models.

"A lot of efforts to promote the latest Russian military helicopters in the world market have started yielding results. In particular, in 2015 Russia carried out the first export deliveries of the Mi-26T2 heavy-lift transport helicopters, while this year a foreign customer will receive the dual-control Mi-28NE attack helicopters. Moreover, export deliveries of the Ka-52 attack helicopters will start soon. Taken together, all of this substantially enhances our country's competitive position among the world’s leading helicopter manufacturers,” said Sergey Kornev, Head of Rosoboronexport's Air Force Department, who leads the Company’s delegation at the exhibition.

In total, Rosoboronexport delivered more than 100 helicopters abroad in 2015, with the Mi-8/17 military transport helicopters accounting for most of deliveries. By and large, cooperation in the helicopter area (including repair, supply of aircraft weapons, etc) in 2015 was maintained with more than two dozen countries.

In the coming years, Rosoboronexport will be seeking to maintain Russia’s strong positions in this segment of the global arms market achieved over the past five years. The Company will continue its proactive efforts to promote Russian helicopters in all regions of its presence, including through establishing joint and license helicopter production facilities and improving the quality of after-sales service, among them the setting-up of service centers on the territory of a number of partner countries with the participation of JSC Russian Helicopters.