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Rosoboronexport intensifies efforts to promote small submarines in the world arms market
18.01.2018 Press release

JSC Rosoboronexport, part of Rostec State Corporation, and JSC United Shipbuilding Corporation will continue their efforts to promote small and midget submarines in the external market in 2018.

 “Rosoboronexport notes the growing interest in small and midget submarines in South-East Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. Russia’s shipbuilding industry and Navy have considerable experience in their development and operation, which gives grounds for success in promoting such boats in the world market. According to preliminary estimates, the capacity of this segment of the arms market will be approximately US$4 billion for the coming five years,” said Igor Sevastyanov, Deputy Director General of Rosoboronexport.

Rosoboronexport is ready to supply its foreign partners with custom-designed small and midget submarines of up to 10 different models. These include the boats displacing 130 to 1000 tons that meet the needs of most potential customers. The special exporter carries out after-sales service of the delivered products under a separate contract.

Small and midget submarines are designed:

  • to guard coastal maritime borders through covert patrolling;
  • to destroy single surface ships and vessels;
  • to destroy submarines;
  • to deploy (retrieve) commandos;
  • to plant minefields;         
  • to conduct reconnaissance in designated areas and suppress enemy forces;
  • to conduct electronic intelligence;     
  • to evacuate people from local conflict areas;
  • to attack enemy shore facilities located on the coast and deep inside  its territory.

“Small and midget submarines are a unique segment of the naval market. Despite their small size, they carry various weapons, including torpedoes and mines, and can be armed with cruise missiles. Advanced electronics enables them to timely detect targets and proactively attack the enemy, while remaining stealthy due to low noisiness and electromagnetic signatures,” added Igor Sevastyanov.

Work is under way to fit such boats with AIP systems which will significantly extend their submerged endurance.

Among the key advantages of small submarines are the low intensities of their physical fields, significantly reducing the probability of their detection by ASW forces. This is achieved through their small size, the application of appropriate materials and advanced noise reduction technologies, as well as other design solutions.

For small submarines intended for special operations, a special lockout chamber can be provided through which combat swimmers can covertly leave the submarine.

The basing of small submarines will not require radical re-equipment of existing naval bases, so their commissioning into the navy does not entail significant capital investments to build the appropriate coastal infrastructures. A specially equipped relatively small surface ship can be used as a tender for small submarines at mobile basing sites.