Rosoboronexport presents Russian special equipment and armament at MILIPOL Paris 2015
17.11.2015 Press release

At the MILIPOL 2015 International Exhibition of Internal State Security (November 17 - 20, Paris), Rosoboronexport, part of the Rostec State Corporation, will present advanced Russian special technical facilities, equipment and weapons for law enforcement agencies.

“Russian products for law enforcement agencies are exported to more than 40 countries. Terrorism, crime, illegal migration, drug trafficking and smuggling pose an obvious threat to all states, regardless of the geopolitical circumstances. That is why we are open to working closely with all parties interested in cooperation, including the European partners. Our solutions have been successfully used by Russian law enforcement agencies and can significantly strengthen the security of any country,” said Valery Varlamov, Head of Rosoboronexport’s Security Department, who leads the Company’s delegation at the exhibition.

Rosoboronexport will hold the presentations of the type integrated security projects for cities, critical facilities, land and sea borders, and major sporting events. These systems are designed to create a single information space, coordinate and control the activities of various law enforcement agencies and special services. The components available with partner countries as well as domestically-developed products can be integrated into them.
Highly protected Russian IT-solutions and more than 200 pieces of special technical facilities, special equipment and weapons are offered for building integrated security systems.

Special small arms intended for the anti-terror units are represented by pistols, submachine guns, sniper rifles, grenade launchers and assault grenades of various power and calibers. A feature of these arms is that some of them are noiseless and flameless (PSS pistol, SR.3M submachine gun, VSS and VKS sniper rifles, AS assault rifle). Rosoboronexport also offers a wide range of assault weapons: 6G-30 and GM-94 grenade launchers with lethal and non-lethal ammunition, special multipurpose vehicles, versatile helicopters and fast patrol craft.

Over the 15 years since its foundation in 2000, Rosoboronexport has supplied its foreign customers with more than 12,000 units of special small arms and more than 200,000 units of special technical facilities, including personal protective equipment, special communications systems and others. African and Latin American countries have become the promising markets in this area in the recent years.

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