Rosoboronexport signs first export contract for Mi-38T helicopters
29.01.2020 Press release

Rosoboronexport JSC (part of the Rostec State Corporation) has signed the first export contract to supply a foreign customer with the Mi-38T medium-range multi-purpose helicopters manufactured by the Kazan Helicopter Plant, a subsidiary of Rostec’s Russian Helicopters Company.

“The signed contract became another starting point in the implementation of the Military-Technical Cooperation Strategy approved by the President of Russia in 2019. A new product of the Russian helicopter industry, which is largely unique in its segment, was successfully launched on the global market in record time. The Mi-38T was built entirely from domestic high-tech components. “Its maiden flight took place in late 2018, and today, in addition to the already contracted machines, Rosoboronexport is processing a few more requests for their delivery to foreign partners," said Rosoboronexport’s Director General Alexander Mikheev.

Transportation of goods or personnel by road in Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East is often hampered because of geographic conditions. Complex logistical itineraries involving several links need to be devised. This significantly extends the overall delivery time and increases financial costs.

The unique Mi-38T multi-purpose helicopter makes it possible to save time and money. It uses a conventional single-rotor configuration and incorporates Russian Helicopters’ experience and achievements as well as innovative technologies.

The Mi-38T is designed for an around-the-clock airlift of up to 40 people with landing on unprepared sites, evacuation of the wounded (up to 12 lying-down or up to 30 sitting cases, accompanied by 2 medical attendants), transportation of goods weighing up to 5000 kg in a cargo compartment or up to 5000 kg on an external sling. The helicopter outperforms all foreign counterparts in its class in terms of load-carrying capacity, seat capacity and range of troops and cargo delivery. The capability to move up to a platoon of infantry to a distance of up to 800 km is provided. The capabilities of foreign competitors in this class are limited to one or two squads.

The helicopter is also adapted for search-and-rescue operations and is capable of hoisting in persons and cargo weighing up to 300 kg from the ground or water in hover mode. Its rear cargo hatch is equipped with a hydraulically powered loading ramp, and there is a starboard hatch with a wide sliding door. The ramp is adapted for quick loading and unloading, including rolling of wheeled and tracked vehicles.

A high maximum speed of the Mi-38T (300 km/h) shortens the reaction time during landing, personnel evacuation and cargo delivery operations.

High flight safety is ensured through equipping the helicopter with two engines and incorporating ground proximity and air collision warning systems into the IBKO-38 integrated avionics suite.

The Mi-38T helicopter can operate day or night in a wide range of physical, geographical and weather conditions, at outdoor temperatures from –45° C to +50° C, including tropical climate and high mountains. The Mi-38T successfully performs tasks under icing conditions, when flying at altitudes up to 6300 m, at crosswind and tail wind speeds up to 10 m/s and headwind speeds up to 25 m/s.

The Mi-38T helicopters can be delivered to the customer in a VIP configuration for transporting passengers in high comfort conditions. The VIP cabin interior features comfortable armchairs, sofas, wardrobe, kitchen and bar. The air conditioning system provides a comfortable air temperature, and the cabin offers enhanced sound insulation. Special means of protection and secure communication are installed upon the customer’s request.

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