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30 mm Remote-controlled combat module

Power and Versatility

As module is separated into functionally independent elements it ensures high repairability and easy access to units and components, further augmented by a remote system health check and equipment failure search.

designed to engage soft-skin and lightly armoured targets, hostile manpower and low-flying aerial targets;

can be installed on wheeled or tracked chassis, mounted on vehicles newly developed and produced or as part of upgrade and modernization of vehicles already in operation.

armed with a 30 mm gun, a 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun and two banks of 81 mm smoke grenades to each side.

High fire capabilities of the station are provided through the stabilized gun, both in horizontal and vertical planes, it is fully automatic and together with a modern automated fire control system proves greatly efficient against all types of targets, any time of day, any season.

Inside the vehicle there is an operator's workstation with a control panel, inbuilt ballistic computer and remote control unit.

The operator´s control panel displays all service and video information, calculations of firing corrections, as well as system health monitoring data.

Main characteristics
Armament, caliber, mm
Machine gun
Ammunition load, cartr., at least
30 mm
7.62 mm
Laying angles, deg.:
Total weight, kg (w/o ammunition)
not more than 1,200
Armouring of the turret according to STANAG 4569
Level 2