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Strelets (index 83t215i)
Reconnaissance, control and communications complex

Reliable control is the key to success in battle

The Strelets is a unique Russian development that allows for an increased coherence and effectiveness of the actions of units in a combat situation.

The complex is a part of the special individual equipment of servicemen in the "serviceman-squad-platoon-company" link and provides solutions for information support tasks (communication, control, navigation, data preparation on detected targets).

The composition of the product is determined by the organization and establishment of the units of various power structures and includes:

basic set of a serviceman;
reconnaissance kit with the PDU-4 digital rangefinder;
radio operator kit;
set of satellite radio communication means;
commander's set;
unified onboard kit installed in combat vehicles for the exchange of information between military personnel and automated control equipment installed in the vehicles.

The system provides data exchange at a speed of up to 11 Mbps to a distance of up to 1.5 km with the possibility of automatic relaying through intermediate kits.

Main characteristics
weight of the system depending on the configuration, kg
2.4 to 22.4
maximum target detection range using the PDU-4, m
service life, h
time of continuous operation from the battery, h, not less than
preparation time for work, min, not more than
operating temperature range, °C
- 40 … +50