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Project 11356
Multipurpose Frigate

Reliable defender


Powerful dynamic combat ship tested in ocean

Well mastered building process;
Universal ship of the ocean area;
Ship with a modern spirit;
Design is meeting high standards.

With relatively low displacement the Frigate has well-balanced armament capable of providing effective protection of escorted ships from air, sea-surface and underwater attacks. The ship as well can carry out search for sea-surface and underwater targets and destroy them. The frigate is also able to deliver high precision missile strikes against critical land facilities.

Excellent maneuverability, seaworthiness and habitability are meeting high standards of seafarers.

In time of piece Project 11356 is capable of controlling compliance with the State’s interests in distant sea areas and carrying out international missions of maintaining piece and international order.

Efficient main power plant ensures ship’s high running speed as well as sufficient endurance and range.
3S14 universal launching units serve as the main impact missile weapon. 3M-54TE, 3M-14TE and Yakhont missiles can be used with the system.


Club-N integrated missile system:
Range of fire, km – 300;
Ammunition load – 8 missiles.

Shtil-1 multichannel ADMS:
Range of fire, km – 50;
Ammunition load – 24 missiles.

A-190E-01 100 mm artillery gun mount:
Range of fire, km – 22;

Two AK-630M 30 mm artillery gun mounts:
Range of fire, km – 5.

Two Paket E/NK anti-submarine systems with 327 mm torpedoes:
Range of fire, km – 20;
Ammunition load – 2x4 327 mm torpedoes.

Fregat-M2EM 3D Radar:
Detection range, km – 300.

5P-10-03 Puma fire control radar system.

MGK 335EM-03 sonar system.

A hangar and a helipad for a 12 t helicopter.

Incorporating of Project 11356 Frigate to the Navy will result in enhanced operational capabilities in an open sea or ocean

Main characteristics
Full displacement, t
Main dimensions (length, beam, draught), m
Maximum speed/economical speed, kts
Range, miles
Endurance, days
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