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Military/transport helicopter

Mission and primary tasks

The Mi-171Sh military/transport helicopter is designed to transport personnel, cargo and equipment inside the cargo cabin or on an external sling, drop tactical air assault forces and reconnaissance and sabotage groups, destroy ground targets and carry the wounded.

Additional versions of the helicopter are available: search & rescue, fire-fighting, ambulance, corporate.

Airborne equipment and armament

The helicopter is equipped with a modern avionics suite providing round-the-clock employment of the helicopter and weapons.

Its armament mix includes unguided rockets (up to 80 S-8 80mm unguided aerial rockets), cannons (suspended pods with 23mm cannons and 250 rounds each) and small arms.

The helicopter is fitted with a self-defense system against heat seeker missiles, heavily-armored cockpit, vital systems and components, and features enhanced survivability.

Main advantages

  • operability in any geographical and climatic conditions, day and night, and low weather;
  • operability in high-altitude and hot conditions;
  • versatility (capability to effectively perform assault/transport and combat tasks during one mission sortie);
  • capability to land on unprepared sites at night and in limited adverse weather conditions;
  • heavy armor protection;
  • high target approach accuracy through the use of a satellite navigation system;
  • high safety and single-engine flight and landing capability;
  • high efficiency of loading/unloading of cargo and paratroopers through the presence of two doors on the sides of the helicopter and a powered ramp.
Principales características
Max takeoff weight, kg
Max external payload weight, kg
Max speed, km/h
Cruising speed, km/h
Range, km:
with main fuel tanks
with two internal additional fuel tanks
Service ceiling, m
Hovering ceiling, m
Paratroopers carried in cargo cabin
Engine power (takeoff), hp
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