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New-generation transport aircraft

The ATLANT new-generation transport aircraft is an all-new combined aerial vehicle combining the best qualities of the airship with some elements of airplane, helicopter and hovercraft.

The key features of the ATLANT-type vehicles distinguishing them from airship of previous generation are as follows:

  • rigid hull (enables operation under strong winds);
  • active ballasting system (compensation extra buoyancy resulted by cargo discharge and expended fuel);
  • outside year-round operability;
  • takeoff and landing on unprepared sites, without any ground infrastructure;
  • autonomous operation in all flight modes (including takeoff and landing) without ground crew.

The ATLANT can carry up to 16, 60, and 170 tons of payload (depending on model), perform non-stop flights to a distance of 5,000 km and is intended for:

  • delivery of various cargo to areas where infrastructure is poor or does not exist;
  • rescue operations;
  • rapid airlift of equipment;
  • use as airmobile headquarters, mobile hospital, airmobile base of military units, including for equipment repair and maintenance;
  • accomplishment of military tasks in the Arctic.
Principales características
Envelope volume, m3
30 000
Aircraft width, m
Aircraft length, m
Construction height, m
Maximum load capacity, t
Range (full load), km
Cruising speed, km/h
Flight altitude, m
50 – 2 000