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Training set for training in firing small arms and close combat weapons

The 1U37 training set is designed for training in firing the following small arms and close combat weapons:

  • 5.45mm AK-74 (AK-74U) assault rifle and its variants;
  • 5.45mm AN-94 Abakan assault rifle;
  • 5.45mm RPK-74 machine gun and its variants;
  • 5.56mm AK-101, AK-102 assault rifles;
  • 5.56mm RPK-201 machine gun;
  • 7.62mm PKMB, PKM machine guns;
  • 7.62mm AK, AKM, AKMS, AK-103, AK-104 assault rifles;
  • 7.62mm SVD sniper rifle and its variants;
  • 7.62mm SV-98 sniper rifle;
  • 7.62mm PK (PKS) machine gun and its variants;
  • 7.62mm PKP (Pecheneg) machine gun and its variants;
  • 12.7mm 6P50 Kord machine gun and its variants;
  • 12.7mm NSV Utyos machine gun;
  • RPG-7 grenade launcher of all versions and its rounds;
  • RPG-26, RPG-27, RPG-29, RShG-2, SPG-9 and AGS-17 grenade launchers;
  • RPO-A type flamethrowers.

The set makes it possible to carry out field exercises and indoor lessons for personnel of a section (in training units) or a platoon (in the field) where trainees learn the firing rules, learn how to properly aim (choose a sight, the aiming point and a backsight), select and input leads in order to acquire skills how to take the proper ready position, provide aiming stability and keep normal sight on the target at different times of day, together with exercising control from the instructor and self-control by trainees.

Power is provided by a standalone power source or from the industrial network 220V/50Hz.

Principales características
Operating temperature range, °C
от -25 до +50
Continuous operation time, h
Range of aiming and firing a simulated shot, m
Supply voltage,V
etiquetas: 1U37, Trainers,