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152mm "Krasnopol" artillery guided weapon system

The 152mm 2K25 Krasnopol artillery guided weapon system is designed to engage tanks, IFVs, artillery pieces, both moving (at speeds up to 36 km/h) and stationary, exposed and sheltered, as well as dugouts, bridges, and crossings by the first shot without registration at ranges of 3 to 20 km.

Advantages and operational features

The Krasnopol system can be used by organic artillery units and imposes no additional requirements on the firing positions and command observation posts, as well as on the weather and survey data accuracy. The Krasnopol guided projectile can be fired by both 152mm towed guns and self-propelled howitzers from open or covered firing positions.

To fit the organic ammunition stowage in a self-propelled gun, the projectile consists of two sections that are joined prior to firing by means of a quick-screwed connection.

The Krasnopol GAP requires no inspections and maintenance support for 10 years of storage in warehouses.

The Krasnopol system is compatible with both Russian-made laser designators/rangefinders (1D22, 1D26, LTsD-3M1) and foreign-built ones such as France’s DHY307 LDR.


  • a round with the 3OF39 semi-active laser-guided projectile and a propelling charge;
  • Malakhit automated artillery fire control system (AAFCS).
Principales características
Range of fire, km
Projectile length, mm
Projectile weight, kg
Warhead type
Warhead/explosive charge weight, kg
Hit probability, not less than