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155mm "Krasnopol-M2" artillery guided weapon system

The 155mm KM-1M Krasnopol-M2 artillery guided weapon system is designed to engage stationary and moving armored and unarmored vehicles as well as field works by 155mm artillery guns (G5, G6, M109, FH77, TRF1 and others).

Advantages and operational features

On the battlefield, the Krasnopol-M2 provides:

  • transition from traditional fire against area targets (area fire) to high precision engagement of selected targets;
  • first-shot kill without registration;
  • moving target engagement;
  • day/night target engagement from open and covered positions;
  • engagement of widely spaced targets without firing data change;
  • engagement of hard targets by a salvo of several guns.

The Malakhit automated artillery fire control system (AAFCS) provides target detection and illumination (including at night), survey control of the firing position and command observation post, automated calculation and firing data input.


  • a round with the K155M semi-active laser-guided projectile and a propelling charge;
  • Malakhit AAFCS.
Principales características
Range, km:
max, up to
Projectile length, mm
Projectile weight, kg
Warhead type
Explosive charge weight, not less than, kg
Engagement mode
top attack, a pop-up before diving on the target
Operating temperature range, °C
-40 to +60
Hit probability:
at range up to 12 km
0,8 – 0,9
at range exceeding 12 km, not less than
0.6 against a target moving at a speed up to 36 km/h