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The "Gran" guided weapon system for 120mm mortars

The KM-8 Gran guided weapon system for 120mm mortars is designed to engage armored and unarmored vehicles, artillery pieces, field works with a guided high-explosive mortar bomb day and night, on the plains and in the mountains, at the firing position elevation of up to 3000 meters above sea level.

Advantages and operational features

On the battlefield, the Gran system engages both armored and unarmored vehicles by the first shot without registration.

Targets spaced at up to 300 meters are engaged at common firing data.

Several mortars can simultaneously fire against several targets without interfering with each other.

Firing with abbreviated preparation of weather and ballistic data.

Engagement of targets moving in narrow passes located behind the high crests of shelters, including on their reverse slopes, precision fire at night.

The Malakhit automated artillery fire control system (AAFCS) provides target detection and illumination (including at night), survey control of the fire position and command observation post, automated calculation and firing data input


  • a round with the MB120 guided mortar bomb;
  • Malakhit AAFCS.
Principales características
Range of fire, km:
Mortar bomb length, mm
Mortar bomb weight, kg
Warhead type
Warhead/explosive charge weight, kg
Engagement mode
top attack, a pop-up before diving on the target
Operating temperature range, °C
-40 to +60