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The 100mm multipurpose shipborne artillery system


The 100mm A-190E-5P-10E multipurpose shipborne artillery system is designed for arming surface ships, including boats, to engage air, ground and coastal targets.


  • 100mm A-190E shipborne light-weight universal artillery mount;
  • 5P-10E fire control radar system;
  • ammunition allowance (80 rounds) stowed in the underturret compartment of the artillery mount.


  • effective fire against air, including low-flying, sea and coastal targets due to high rate of fire of the mount and precision of the fire control system;
  • highly automated combat work procedures providing minimal reaction time;
  • relatively small size and weight;
  • small number of support personnel;
  • high jamming immunity and survivability;
  • ability to conduct fire during full power cutoffs;
  • independent two-side ammunition loading system (from the left-hand and right-hand magazines) providing simultaneous readiness for fire of two different types of ammunition and increase nearly by 1.5 times in the rate of fire (compared with that of similar artillery mounts) as well as in the survivability of the artillery mount.

The A-190E Universal is a shipborne light-weight single-barrel automatic artillery mount of closed (turret) type. The artillery mount is equipped with the electronic automatic control and testing system providing automatic transition to duty and combat readiness states, automatic selection of appropriate type of ammunition, its loading, gun targeting and firing, continuous testing of mount mechanisms and transmission of status data to the operator display, on-the-job training of operators without engaging main mechanisms.

In the emergency state (during power cutoffs) targeting of the mount is performed manually with the use of the optical sight.

The 5P-10E Puma multipurpose fire control radar system provides:

  • autonomous search for air and surface targets in the all-round and sector surveillance modes with target threat prioritisation;
  • automatic lock-on and tracking of up to four threats within the antenna scanning sector;
  • automatic reception of target designation data from ship's systems and transfer of target coordinates and movement parameters to the target distribution system for other weapon systems;
  • automated fire control of several artillery mounts of two different calibers simultaneously engaging one or two air, sea or coastal targets;
  • automatic miss distance evaluation and fire adjustment;
  • automated functional, test and parametric operability checks, troubleshooting, and generation of recommendations for fault correction;
  • combat crew training with the use of simulated targets, practice fire against target simulators.
Principales características
Rate of fire, rds/min
≤ 80
Lateral range of fire, m
> 20000
Elevation angles, deg
-15 to +85
Projectile weight, kg:
~ 15,6
Ammunition load on the mount, rds
Mount weight, kg
≤ 15000
Data acquisition channels
radar - electro-optical
Radar frequency band, cm
Fire control system limits:
in all-round surveillance mode:
relative bearing, deg
elevation angle, deg
- 5 to + 40
range, m
≤ 30
in tracking mode:
relative bearing, deg
elevation angle, deg
- 5 to + 85
range, m
≤ 60
Scan period, s
Combat readiness alert time from cold status, min
≤ 3
Response time, s:
fire against air target
fire against sea target
Fire shift time within 6x3 tracking sector, s