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Signature measurement vessel


The Project 18065 signature measurement vessel is designed to measure the acoustic, electromagnetic, electrical and magnetic fields of surface ships and submarines.


  • capability to measure the field parameters in sea point up to 2 inclusive;
  • effective operability in a wide range of climatic conditions: ambient temperature of +5 °C to +33 °C, seawater temperature of +14 °C to +25 °C;
  • low level of its own signature.

Measuring instrumentation

The measurement and analysis of underwater noise from surface ships and submarines with automatic measurement processing is done by the SGAS-496E marine sonar system. With its help, the information gathered on the low-frequency fields of controlled objects is analyzed.

The low-frequency electromagnetic fields of submarines and surface ships can be monitored by the K-739E or TsU7002 measurement system when the vessel is under way.

The electromagnetic fields of a controlled object are measured and analyzed by the K-751E system complete with F7278E analyzer when the vessel is in stop position and by a K-719E-type measuring instrument when it is under way.

The vertical magnetic component field of a controlled ferromagnetic object is measured by an M-121E-type portable magnetometer when the vessel is in stop position.

The VSV-205-type system can measure acoustic noise and vibrations of a controlled object.

Electronic and navigation equipment

To ensure safe navigation, vessel positioning, short-distance navigation situation awareness as well as underwater situation control during the preparation and carrying out of measurements, the following equipment is installed aboard the vessel:

  • Vesta-K sonar station;
  • 6701R-3 IFF equipment;
  • Gorizont-25E integrated system consisting of the Gorizont-25 navigation radar, MK-54IS electronic chart display and information system (ECDIS) and NT-300D GPS receiver.

Navigation equipment

  • Gyuis gyrocompass;
  • LEM2-1 or LI2-1 log;
  • NEL-20K navigational echo sounder;
  • KM145-6 or KAF-1 Magnit magnetic compass;
  • Kvitok-3N receiver-indicator of coastal radionavigation systems (Loran-S, Chaika, Mars-75, RS-10, Bras);
  • IPV-92M wind sensor or Syuzhet-KM system;
  • Peleng autopilot.

Main propulsion plant

The vessel is powered by a two-shaft diesel plant driving controllable pitch propellers.

The main propulsion plant includes two independent port and starboard diesels, each of which drives its controllable pitch propeller.

The electrical power system comprises four 200 kW automated diesel-generators and two 50 kW air-cooled diesel-generators.

Principales características
Displacement, full load, t
Basic dimensions, m
Main propulsion plant
two-shaft diesel
Total MPP capacity, kW
Electric power sources
6 diesel-generators
Total electric capacity, kW
Number of propellers
Speed, knots:
Economical cruising speed range with max fuel capacity, n. m.
Endurance, days