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The project 12061E air cushion landing craft


The Project 12061E Murena-E air cushion landing craft is designed to take landing assault units and combat materiel from equipped/non-equipped shores, large-displacement landing craft and transports and land them onto non-equipped shores or in shallow littoral waters, as well as to patrol coastal and naval base/port water areas.


The Project Murena-E features improved structural and seakeeping qualities thanks to the use of advanced anticorrosive alloys, extruded profiles and panels, as well as a powerful propulsion plant.

The Project Murena-E air cushion landing craft can carry either two infantry combat vehicles, or two armored personnel carriers, or three light armored vehicles, or two amphibious tanks, or one medium battle tank, or 130 fully equipped troops.

While sailing on cushion the ship can be operated and its weapons employed at wave height of up to 1.5 m and wind velocity of up to 12 m/s.

Armament & Equipment

  • two 30mm AK-306 light automatic gun mounts (2x500 rounds) controlled with an optical sighting device;
  • eight Igla MANPADS.

Navigation equipment

Gorizont-25 integrated navigation system.

Communications equipment

  • one HF radio;
  • two VHF/UHF radios;
  • magnetic tape-recording equipment.

Main propulsion plant

The ship’s main propulsion plant is composed of two power units, each comprising one MT-70M gas turbine engine, transmission to the supercharger, and variable-pitch propeller.

The main gas-turbine engine includes high- and low-pressure compressors and a combined power turbine.

The main propulsion plant inflates air cushion to provide ship’s high obstacle negotiability on non-equipped shores, snow-covered and marshy areas, ice fields and rugged tundra, sandstones and waterways.

Principales características
Displacement, full load, t
about 150
Basic dimensions, m:
length, on air cushion
beam, on air cushion
height overall, empty afloat
Main propulsion plant
two MT-70M main engines gas turbine
Electrical power unit
two Volvo Penta diesel generators
two AV-96 air propellers
Full speed, knots
not less than 55
Range, with 24-tonne load at 50 knots, n. m.
not less than 200
Endurance, days