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Gepard 5.3
Frigate (on the base of the project 11661)


The Gepard 5.3 frigate (on the base of the Project 11661) is designed to engage surface, underwater and air targets, perform escort and patrol tasks, provide fire support to amphibious assault forces, plant minefields, guard maritime state borders and Exclusive Economic Zones, support sea operations, and hoist state flag in the areas of national interests. The ship can carry out a wide range of missions independently or as part of a naval task force.

Armament & Equipment

Missile weapons 

To engage surface targets the ship is armed with the Uran-E ASM system (4x4 tilt launchers, 16 missiles) and a fire control module. 

Artillery weapons 

In addition to the artillery weapons of Gepard 5.1, the frigate Gepard 5.3configuration has two Palma air defence gun/missile systems with Sosna-R SAMs. 

Mines and ASW equipment 

  • two 533mm DTA-53 twin torpedo trainable tubes;
  • RPK-8E ASW missile system;
  • Purga ASW weapons control system.

Electronic equipment

  • Pozitiv-ME1 air and surface target detection radar;
  • 67R IFF suite;
  • Podzagolovok-23E mutual interference avoidance system;
  • Sigma-E combat information management system;
  • TK-25E electronic warfare system;
  • PK-10 short range jamming systems;
  • BOT-E or Zmei sonar countermeasure system;
  • Segment-661 system.

Sonar equipment 

  • MGK-335EM-03 sonar with hull-mounted array;
  • Anapa-ME hydroacoustic underwater anti-saboteur detection sonar.

Navigation equipment 

  • LI2-1ME log;
  • NEL-20K navigation echo sounder;
  • Ogon-50 infrared night group navigation system;
  • KM115-07 magnetic compass;
  • MS-98 weather radar;
  • Morena-1 weather data receiver;
  • Ladoga-ME inertial navigation and stabilisation system.

Communications equipment 

  • Rubin-EG2 automated communications system;
  • VHF radiotelephone station;
  • visual communications and surveillance equipment;
  • internal voice announcement system.

Air systems 

  • ASW helicopter;
  • hangar;
  • helipad and maintenance equipment.

The ship carries a Ka-28 or Ka-31 helicopter in search-and-rescue configuration in peacetime, and an ASW version in wartime.

Main propulsion plant 

The ship is powered by a two-shaft CODAD propulsion plant with variable-pitch propellers, comprising four 3,455 kW (4,700 hp) diesels or two 4,775 kW (6,494 hp) and two 2,425 kW (3,298 hp) diesels, two reduction gears and a localised control and protection system.

Principales características
Displacement, full load, t
about 2100
Basic dimensions (length x beam x draft), m
102,2 х 13,1 х ок. 5,3
Speed, knots:
about 25
Operational range, at economical speed (10 knots), n.m.
about 4500
Seaworthiness, sea point:
stay at sea
weapons employment
Main propulsion plant
Main propulsion plant, power, kW
4х3455(2х4775) 2 х 2425
Endurance, days