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The project 1239 guided missile air cushion ship


The Project 1239 Sivuch guided missile air cushion ship is designed to destroy enemy surface ships, fast attack craft, and transports in all water areas of closed sea theatres of operation and in short-range zone of open seas, when operating autonomously or as a flagship of uniform/mixed naval groups.


Thanks to its well-balanced sensor/armament mix and high navigability, Sivuch is capable of efficiently detecting and engaging surface and air targets with missiles and artillery fire at their maximum effective range without limitations in high sea (sea point up to 5 inclusive) and adverse ECM conditions.

The onboard active and passive ECM assets efficiently protect the ship from enemy missile systems targeting.

The ship can be deployed in any battle group due to a wide range of speeds provided by transformable hydrodynamic platform and main machinery.

The ship’s high reliability and maintainability, catamaran hull made of corrosionresistant aluminum-magnesium alloys, skirt, and flank-speed propulsion plants have been proven in long-term operations.

Armament & Equipment:

  • attack missile systems (options are shown in the table);
  • one/two modules of Kashtan-M air defence gun/missile system;
  • 16 Igla MANPADS;
  • 100mm A-190E single-barrel versatile gun;
  • two 14.5mm naval machine gun mounts;
  • DP-64 anti-saboteur grenade launcher;
  • four KT-216 launchers of PK-10 decoy dispenser system.

Electronic equipment:

  • Monolit-K/Monument-E target detection and designation radar system;
  • Gorizont-25E integrated navigation system;
  • Pozitiv-ME1 air/surface target acquisition radar;
  • 5P-10E fire control radar.

Combat information management system:

  • Sigma-E system.

Sonar equipment

  • Anapa-ME sonar.

Navigation equipment:

  • Ladoga-ME inertial navigation and stabilisation system or Pastilshchik-D gyroazimuth/horizon compass;
  • Gyuis GKU-5 gyroscope course detector;
  • Magnit (KF-1) magnetic compass or DS-83 and KM69-M2 magnetic compasses;
  • satellite navigation system equipment;
  • Navi Sailor-2400 ECDIS electronic chart display system;
  • LI2-1/RDL-3-AP100-E electromagnetic log;
  • NEL-20K, LEM2-1 navigation echo sounder.

Main propulsion plant

Air cushion ship is powered by a combined CODOG-CODAG diesel/gas turbine plant comprising two M511A reduction gear diesel units, two M10D1 flank speed gas turbines, and two M527OM3 auxiliary diesel motors to drive superchargers inflating the skirt.

The onboard electric power system incorporates four 200 kW diesel generators and four 1EKPV 15/150 electric compressors.

Missile system options Missile system/
Fire control system
Launchers (number x type) Anti-ship missiles (number x type)
Option 1         Moskit-E/3Ts-81E 2 x KT-206ME 8 x 3M-80E
Option 2 Uran-E/3R-60UE 4 x 3S-24E 16 x 3M-24E
Option 3 Yakhont/3R50E 2 x SM-316 12 x Yakhont
Option 4 Yakhont/3R50E,
2 x SM-316,
2 x 3S-24E
12 x Yakhont,
8 x 3M-24E

Principales características
Displacement, full load, t
about 1000
Length, m
Beam, midship, m
Draft, full load, m
Speed, knots:
about 45
Range, n.m.:
economical speed, with full fuel load
about 2500
flank speed, on air cushion
about 800
Endurance, days