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Mobile (stationary) coastal missile system with Yakhont anti-ship cruise missile


The Bastion mobile (stationary) coastal missile system with Yakhont anti-ship cruise missile is designed to engage target surface fighting ships and auxiliaries vessels both single and belonging to Task Forces radiocontrast shore targets in the environment of organized fire and electronic opposition.


  • a supersonic velocity of the Yakhont anti-ship missile makes it possible to overcome air defense of nearly any ship;
  • the Yakhont anti-ship missile allows dealing with surface targets at a long range of up to 300 km;
  • owing to the long-range capability of the Yakhont anti-ship missile, the Bastion system provides for guarding of a coastline about 600 km long and an offshore zone of over 100 thousand sq. km in area;
  • along with ship destruction, the Yakhont anti-ship missile is capable of striking radiocontrast land-based facilities;
  • the system mobility provides for its high maneuverability and stealth of combat employment of the weapons.


  • Yakhont unified anti-ship missiles resting in transporting and launching containers (36 units);
  • self-propelled launchers (18 units);
  • command vehicles (command post) is equipped communications and automated control systems (3 units);
  • transport and loading machines in agreement with the customer;
  • alert support vehicles;
  • maintenance support system.
Principales características
Deployment on firing positions, min
up to 5
Combat alert in position area, days
up to 30
Basic load of missiles in full-strength missile system
38(18 launchers x 2)
Distance of launcher from coastal line, km
up to 250
Height of firing positions above sea level, m
up to 1000
Max number of targets simultaneously engaged by one complete salvo
Launch inclination, deg
Launch readiness from march , min
not more than 4