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Mobile coastal missile system with 3М-54E, 3М-54E1, 3М-14E cruise missiles


The Club-M system is designed to engage the sea-surface single and group targets, as well as the stationary objects on enemy territories within its range cruise missiles 3М-54E, 3М-54E1, 3М-14E.


  • three self-propelled launch vehicles with missile preparation and launch aids;
  • three transport-and-launch vehicles;
  • one/two communications and control vehicles;
  • one combat service support vehicle;
  • one set of training facilities.

Every self-propelled launcher accommodates up to six single-type missiles in transporter-launcher containers.

The equipment may include complex navigation and topographic orientation binding motion of the complex provides navigation and positioning on the march starting place.

Transport and launch vehicle

Designed to accommodate 4-6 missiles establishments ( 2-3 packages two missiles each), their transportation and preparation of missile launch from TLC with the help of promptly connected missile deployment and launch equipment of an self-propelled missile launcher (SPML) standing nearby.

Command and communications vehicle

The vehicle serves as command point of the system’s combat unit. It is designed to accommodate means of communications with the higher command post and with own means of combat and also automations means, providing detection of targets, processing and display of incoming information (combat orders, target designation data, messages and reports from SPML), preparation and generation of output data (target designation data for each SPML and reports to the command post).


Target search and acquisition is accomplished by the Monolit-B radar surveillance and designation system. It is control vehicles attachment. The active and passive radar detection channels ensure flexible detection including invisible detection. The detection range is 250 km max in the active mode and 450 km max in the passive mode. It can employ flexible detection strategies, including a covert one, thanks to the availability of both active and passive radar target acquisition components. Situational information may also be received from superior command posts and other external reconnaissance and target designation assets.

Targets engagement effectiveness is achieved by firing with both single missiles from any launcher and salvos from several launchers.

The missile system boasts supreme mobility, short deployment and on-action time, considerable ammunition load, high reliability and, not to mention its comfortable crew work environment.

Principales características
Surface target detection range by active radar channel, km:
antenna at 12 m above sea
in sea-surface duct
in super-refraction
up to 250
Surface target detection range by passive radar channel, km:
up to 450
Combat alert in position area, days
up to 30
Missiles ammunition, missile
Max position height of above sea, m
up to 2000
Stroking speed on dirt road, km/h
up to 20
Cruising range, km
Max number of targets simultaneously engaged by one complete salvo, units
Pre-launch preparation time, min
up to 5
Deployment on firing position, min
*3 self-propelled launch vehicles + 3 transport/launch vehicles