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Ship handling and maneuvering traning simulator


The simulator is designed to help trainees develop the required skills to fulfill their functions when a surface ship (boat) performs combat missions under various conditions.

When the ship stays docked at its base, the simulator provides training of some specialists, station and command center crews, as well as the whole complement in ship handling, weapon employment and the use of technical facilities.

Simulator configuration and components

The simulator is a set of workstations communicating within a local area network built in accordance with ship’s organization. Software and hardware of the network visualize the maritime situation, ship’s weapon and equipment processes. The simulator is based on an "open architecture" design that makes it possible to modify its configuration, capabilities, and a list of tasks. It consists of the following components:

  • central training direction and monitoring station, including a situation visualization module;
  • ship maneuvering control module;
  • power and damage control module;
  • missile and artillery control module;
  • electronic warfare control module;
  • computer system and its software providing interaction between the modules as well as simulation (visualization) of the situation and ship’s weapon and equipment processes.

The training simulator system can be integrated with simulators from other manufacturers, as well as with existing computer weapon/equipment/device/mechanism simulators through the use of HLA technology.

Principales características
Number of workstations
Number of visualization channels
Channel’s field of view, deg
Number of visualization scenes
Number of ship models
Number of types of vessel targets
Number of aids to navigation
up to 100
Missile models
P-20M, Igla, PK-16
Artillery models
AK-176M, AK-630M, Vympel-AME