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Mobile stationing site
Mobile stationing site of surface ships and submarines


The mobile stationing site is designed for quick (15-30 days) creating the necessary conditions for ships and submarines deployment on unequipped beach areas.

The system provides:

  • establishment of the universal plumbing installations for submarines, battle and auxiliary ships moorage;
  • deploy in barracks the command units and maintenance authority, and communications site;
  • ships overhaul, logistic and state regeneration;
  • supply of ships and vessels with all types of power environments (electricity, high pressure air, domestic and portable water, cooled water for the air conditioning system, etc.);
  • ammunition loading to ships and unloading of the same;
  • provision of ships and vessels with food, technical, boatswain's and other stores according to the established supply standards;
  • provision with barracks, medical and domestic servicing;
  • station security for attacker detection, including the underwater.


  • floating berth;
  • electric power pontoon;
  • refrigerator pontoon;
  • pontoon and facilities for ship`s signature monitoring;
  • floating workshops.

The following is also included to the system:

  • mobile communication station and situation room;
  • independent (redundant) power supply source;
  • area and installation security equipment.

The floating modules of the mobile stationing site are based on concrete (type 16180) or still (type 15163) pontoons of the heavy floating berth.


Using of the mobile system enables to equipped self-contained base point within shot time; when necessary, the system may be promptly redeployment to new operational areas; considerably (3-4 times) to reduce cost for capital construction. Infrastructure of different types of activity may be based on mobile stationing site in remote areas.

Principales características
Length overall, m
Clearance length, m
Breadth overall, m
Clearance breadth, m
Pontoon height alongside, m
Pontoon height in CL, m
Full displacement, t
appr. 530
Draft, m
appr. 0,84