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Modified fire control system for 30mm, 57mm, 76mm, 100mm shipborne guns МР-123-02

The МР-123-02 Bagira modified fire control system is designed for AAW gun fire control with 30mm, 5mm, 76mm and 100mm calibеrs and uncontrolled missile weapon with 122mm and 140mm calibеrs.

The system provides the following tasks:

  • search, detection and sensing (in the case of coupling with the identification system) of air-, surface- and coastal targets independently or on orders from detecting station and data collection and processing system;
  • detection and automatic tracking of selected targets;
  • determination current position, target motion rate, prediction considering manoeuvre and your ship motion;
  • analyzing miss distance, entering of updating.

The system provides automatic support of two and more targets simultaneously and shooting by different gun mounts:

  • by radar-tracking channel, and the core is the operating mode of target designation;
  • by optronic (EO) direction channel.

Data calculation is provided multiway CAaM for guns and uncontrolled missile weapon shooting.

Situation reporting and current environment reflection is displayed out on multipurpose indicators with application of liquid crystal displays with an active matrix.

The system has training simulator meant for system operation control as a whole without space radiation, carrying out of the regulation-adjusting works, shooting the simulated targets, carrying out of training the operational crew that provides system servicing without special support.

Principales características
Air surveillance in search mode:
all-round (360 deg), sector (60 deg)
in layers within scan
antenna circular rotation period, s
Continuous operation, h
Ship speed, knots
≤ 60
Wind speed, m/s
≤ 45
Target angular speed, bearing/elevation, deg/s
≤ 30
Readiness time, from 'high voltage off' status, s
Root-mean-square autotracking range error, m
Standby firing modes
sight system, TV/optical sight with laser range finder