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Pozitiv- ME1.2
Family active radars

Pozitiv-ME and Pozitiv-ME1.2 3D active shipborne radars are designed to search, detect and track air and surface targets. Radars are mounted at small- and medium-displacement ships and are an integral self-contained part of multi-purpose electronic system.

Pozitiv-ME family radars perform the following tasks:

  • air/surface sea-situation surveillance;
  • search, detection and tracking of surface and air targets, including small-size, low-flying, and dive ones;
  • target detection and tracking in preselected sectors with automated mode selection depending on the ECM environment;
  • state identification of detected targets (”friend-or-foe”) by IFF equipment and built-in antennas;
  • target coordinates and motion parameters determination;
  • target classification according to trajectory parameters;
  • target threat prioritisation;
  • automatic target distribution and plan display with on-line correction possibility;
  • targeting data feed to weapons and other cooperating systems;
  • automatic operational modes selection and operability control and trouble-shooting;
  • recording of target data processing output, worked-out solutions, and interfaced system status;
  • staff training in simulated radar environment.

Thanks to use high-speed rotation of antenna with electronic elevation scanning, special search/lock-on/tracking/prioritisation modes and other positive features of radars provides short reaction time, high throughput capacity and target designation accuracy.

Principales características
Operational frequency band
X (3 cm)
Target coordinates determined simultaneously
3 (bearing, range, elevation)
flat phased array
directional diagram
directional diagram elevation control
phase-frequency manipulation
rotation period, s
1; 2; 5
Coverage zones:
in range, km
≤ 80
in altitude, km
≤ 20
in elevation, deg
≤ 85
in azimuth, deg
Max target detection range, km:
air target (RCS> 1 m2, flight altitude 1,000 m)
anti-ship missile (RCS> 0.03 m2, flight altitude I5 m)
surface target (RCS=10,000 m2)
0.9-0.95 radio horizon range
Min detection range, m
Coordinates calculation root-mean-square error:
in range, m
in azimuth, mil
in elevation, mil
Lock on-to-designate reaction time, s
Simultaneously tracked targets
≤ 40
Weight, kg:
interior equipment
Power consumption, kW
≤ 45
Into-action time, min