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Anti-ram barrier (ARB)

Fast, Precise and Safe Scanning of Vehicles Driving Through 

Anti-ram barrier is designated to create a reliable physical obstacle to the movement of wheeled vehicles and prevent unauthorized entrance to/exit from the protected territory of the secured site. ARB guarantees resistance to the ram impact of a vehicle with the weight of up to 20 t, moving at the speed of up to 40 km/h. The resource of the ARB accounts for no less than 250 000 cycles till scheduled maintenance, which allows using the device as a regular boom barrier, thus significantly increasing traffic capacity of the transport passage
Main characteristics
Height of the boom above the ground, mm
Width of the blocked passage, m
Characteristics of the vehicle:
Weight, t
- Up to 20
Speed, km/h
- Up to 40
Drive type
Electromechanical /Mechanical